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Emily Beaudoin Receives FRQSC Funding

A big congratulations to Emily Beaudoin, who has received funding from the Fonds de Recherche du Québec Société et Culture (FRQSC) for her doctoral research: Learning disabilities and science: The relationship between anxiety and cognitive processes.

Individuals with Learning Disabilities have difficulties with mentally processing various types of information (e.g., visual and verbal information) leading to academic or occupational impairments (Buttner & Hasselhorn, 2011). These impairments may cause challenges with excelling in the field of science, which requires students to engage in multiple types of complex thought processes (Al-Ahmadi & Oraif, 2009; Danili & Reid, 2004). Researchers also suggest that emotions, such as anxiety, may significantly influence one’s cognitive processes while learning (Maloney, Sattizahn, & Beilock, 2014; Moran, 2016). The proposed doctoral dissertation aims to examine how cognitive processing issues and science anxiety interact and influence science learning in students with Learning Disabilities.


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