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Principal Investigator: 2013-2017

Reading aloud to young children serves a number of important developmental purposes, including children’s intellectual, language, motor, sensory, and socio-affective development (Marsolais, 2013). The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of a large-scale reading awareness community intervention on parent-infant interactions for at-risk, low-risk, and control group families.

Starving for Sleep: Prevention of childhood obesity by rapid translation and dissemination of research via a university/ school-board partnership

Co-Investigator: 2012-2015

The goal of the study was to educate the school system, parents and students about the negative impact of insufficient sleep on weight regulation and the associations between sleep deprivation and other risk factors for obesity, by creating a “Healthy Nights and Days” program.

Early intervention services for autism spectrum disorders in Quebec: Evaluation of their Impacts on Children and their Families

Principal Investigator: 2011-2015

The objectives were to assess the effects of early intervention services on children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and their families, compare the effects of different approaches in Quebec and identify predictors of effectiveness.

Access to early intervention services for children with developmental delays: Developing Consensus

Principal Investigator: 2008-2009

The primary goal of this project was to develop a consensus on early intervention services for children with developmental delays amongst policy makers and leaders in the field.

Canadian Early Intervention Workshop

Principal Investigator: 2008-2009

The purpose of the study was to examine Early Intervention policy, practice, and services for families and children with developmental delays, with the goal of creating a paradigm shift amongst key stakeholders involved in Early Intervention.

A dynamic assessment of early intervention models in children with developmental delays: Creating a paradigm shift in early intervention policy and practice

Principal Investigator: 2005-2009

This project sought to determine the efficacy of existing models of Early Childhood Intervention programs and their impact on health, wellness and the family environment for families of children with developmental delays.

Parent-teacher mediated interventions for children with behavior problems

Principal Investigator: 1999-2002

The aim of the study was to investigate the efficacy of problem-solving consultation with parents and teachers of children with behavioral problems only and those with developmental delays and behavioral difficulties.

Educational implications of selective mutism: A meta-analysis of intervention outcomes

Co-investigator: 1999

This study analysed the treatment approaches used for selective mutism, with the goal of examining the selection of evidence-base procedures for practice.

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