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Dr. Sladeczek's research team consists of graduate students in School/Applied Child Psychology, Human Development, and Educational Psychology (to name a few) who are working on their Master’s or Doctoral degrees; and dedicated volunteers. As such, Dr. Sladeczek strongly believes in an apprenticeship model, wherein more junior students and volunteers initially learn research skills from more advanced graduate students who have the skills they are immediately seeking to learn, but also, have clearly identified ‘people’ skills, in that they have the experience and knowledge to most effectively support students’ learning. Albeit this structure, volunteers and junior students do meet with Dr. Sladeczek via either weekly or bi-weekly venues (e.g., research team meetings, individual meetings). The manner in which individual supervision occurs is based on Dr. Sladeczek’s assessment and the students’ as to how best to meet the goals of the student, the demands of their respective program, and the goals of Dr. Sladeczek’s program of research.

Graduate Supervision Application Process


  1. Peruse our website and to learn more about our research team and current projects.

  2. If you have any questions about our research or the lab, complete a contact sheet, and volunteer or graduate student will contact you, regarding the type of information you have requested.

  3. Once you have decided you are seriously considering becoming involved in Dr. Sladeczek’s research team, then you need to send a detailed and professionally written letter, indicating why you are interested in joining her research team, with an attached current curriculum vitae (CV), and (if possible) a sample of your best writing to


First impressions are very important, so take some time and care in putting together this cover letter with the attached CV. Both of these elements and the sample of writing (if included) will be carefully reviewed to ascertain the match between your interests and goals to those of the research team. You may then be asked for a meeting via Skype or face-to-face initially with a more advanced graduate student and then with Dr. Sladeczek.


Volunteer Application Process

Peruse our website and to learn more about our research team and current projects. If you are interested in volunteering for the research team, please email our volunteer coordinator Maria Brown ( When emailing, please attach the following: a current resume and your overall GPA. Please note that the minimum commitment is 5 hours per week.


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